Carver Twins to join Teen Wolf

Carver twins join Teen Wolf for third season
The third season of Teen Wolf (MTV’s reboot of the 80s classic) kicks off in a few months, but highlights have been floating around for a few months, including the casting of twins Charlie and Max Carver as Ethan and Aiden. Charlie and Max were previously in Desperate Housewives, but what’s great about their roles in Teen Wolf is that one of them will be a love interest for Danny, the out gay classmate and co-captain of the Lacrosse team.

While on brother will go after Lydia, the other Danny, they will also become quite important by the end of the season, according to one of the show’s producers. This could be good.

Now here’s my rant. I’m not a fan of werewolves. Many good vampire shows have been sidelined by adding the furry and non-immortal creatures. So why in the same spirit do they not improve Teen Wolf with some vampires. And so, my hope is that these new characters Ethan and Aiden turn out to be vampires, after all look how hot they are, imagine how they’d look with fangs.

Carver twins in Teen Wolf with their shirts off

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