Happy Halloween

Get your fangs on and go party. Today Twinkblood is officially available and hopefully I will be about to share some other exciting news today. Need some tips to get you started for tonight… read on.

Fangs and eyes
At this point it’s a little late to order your fangs online, so you’re going to have to try visiting your local halloween store. Vampires are popular this year so they shouldn’t be hard to find. As always I recommend Sexy Bites (or Sexy Devil Bites or Dracula Bites) which come in a coffin shaped package. My second favorite fangs are from Scarecrow. Each are individual fangs that you mold to fit your teeth. Sexy Bites are better because the mold plastic melts in boiled water, but they are shaped for your canines. Scarecrow require a powder and activating liquid (included in the package but I’ve had it not work); their fangs are a simpler shape and could be molded over the two between your canines and your two front teeth (lateral incisors) for that Lost Boys look.

Really any striking color will work, but the Fire or blood red style are best. Lately vampires have been going with ice blue, honey or purple eyes. These might be easy to find.

How to dress
This is always personal style. Do you go with the 18th century Interview with a Vampire French-classic look, your more goth or emo look, the classic tux and cape or pick a movie look (Lost Boys 80s gang). Do something different. What would the well dressed vamp wear any day of the week? Wear whatever shows off your body or makes you look hot!

Just a few video tutorials: Five easy steps to get the vampire look from a MAC Cosmetics artist

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