The vampire high holiday can be a let down

The time around Halloween is the busiest here at Gay Male Vampire, which makes sense because Halloween is like the high-holiday for vampires-lovers. Maybe many of you decided to go as a vampire to the various parties throughout the weekend, and stopped by to get some inspiration (sometimes we come up in google search). So to any newcomers, welcome. To celebrate the holiday, I thought a little summary of gay vampires would be appropriate.

Now for this whole business about Halloween being the high-holiday for vampires, I think this is nonsense. Vampires don’t need to be popular just at Halloween. I remember one show had the vampires hating the holiday, after all it makes fun of them. Sadly seeing a lot of hot guys out at the club sporting fangs is quite a turn out. But it does mean fewer chances to be tempted, which the boyfriend appreciates. Of course the same can’t be said for our single vampire-loving friends.

After much discussion, the boyfriend and I decided to stick to the parties around London’s Soho, forgoing what was probably the best party in the city but which was outside Central London. This proved to be a big mistake, the ‘Halloween’ party we went to that was billed as a vampire / zombie themed night at a local club turned out to be a major let-down. Two friends even joined us, so I feel extra guilty. I think there were two reasons: the bar made very little attempt to decorate and very few patrons had even bothered. Halloween is the one night you get to go out as a vampire without looking crazy, sadly. While we didn’t get a perfect Halloween-eve-eve, we don’t just put our fangs away for a year. Thankfully there are events which happen at other times, like Sodom in Toronto, but it would just be nice if there were more nights like that. Rant done.

I write a lot about the changing popularity of vampires. Vampires are currently enjoying a high thanks to the Twilight series, but before them we had the Anne Rice novels (though they were spaced out enough to not overwhelm). Twilight has also caused a backlash. I enjoy some of the vampires from Twilight, and I wish that all ‘vampires are gay’ as everyone seems to say. But I think some of it has to do with vampires becoming too romantic versus staying vicious demons. Vampires used to be ugly, scary and cruel; think of Fright Night, Subspecies, Near Dark, Blade, even the vampires from Buffy. I look forward to seeing Vamperifica, it has the look of a gay vampire film with enough bloodlust and horror.

We’ve had vampire draughts, and normally every time I complain we’re in one, something new comes along. Twinklight will be updated shortly, and they have plenty of updates coming, we just need to be patient (though they shouldn’t still be promising updates every two weeks). Next Door has two videos worth checking out, which I wrote about.

So tonight we’re going to sit back an enjoy a vampire movie; maybe a classic like Dracula or something newer such as Suck or Stakeland. If you’re looking to do the same, have a look around. And as I keep hinting, there’s a surprise coming soon, so don’t forget to check back.

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