The week: October 26

We’re counting down to Halloween! I always love when Halloween falls on a Saturday; the perfect night to party. It’s also the day of the official launch on and the Twinkblood DVD.

Now planning a week ahead is often difficult. Last week I listened a few things and then the week exploded, first with the announcement that Twinkblood would be released, and second with the launch of Count Cockula.


The third and final webisode of I kissed a Vampire will be released on iTunes. I know there haven’t been any gay characters so far, but it’s a musical so the whole thing does seem gay to me. I’ll just have to fantasize that Lucas ditches the girl and makes out with Drew. Check it out: US Store or UK Store


The Vampire Diaries returns with it’s Halloween episode. Ratings are doing well for the VD and on this weeks episode there’s a new vamp, Vicki created by Damon. Of course this doesn’t make up for the sad lack of any gay characters (well on screen, there’s been mention of someone’s father and his boyfriend). I understand teenagers are now trying out this gay thing so you’d think there’d be at least one or two in Mystic Falls (and they’d make great vampires). If nothing else, maybe a spin off webseries?


If you live in or near Scottsdale, Arizona USA, Boycrush will be hosting a release party for their new vampire adult film, Twinkblood, October 29, 2009 at Forbidden Nightclub. Apparently if you come dressed as a vampire you get a free copy of the DVD. Oh, I wish so much I could be there to enjoy all those vamps, but instead I will console myself by watching and reviewing the DVD in the coming weeks.
Boycrush blog

Saturday: Halloween
Aside from the official DVD release of the previously mentioned Twinkblood, you know, the twink vampire adult film starting Chase Harding and Miles Pride that you can already pre-order at, the boys at Boycrush have another surprise at Bryan Kenny the man behind Twinkblood had this to say on “I decided that it might be a good time to mix boys, sex, and vampirism. Out of this was born my new porn studio and social networking site ‘Boylair’ and as well as our first feature length film, ‘Twinkblood’.” I have contacted Bryan and hope to have more to write on this exciting news later in the week.

Saturday is also Halloween, so since it’s the one day you can be outside or at the club with your fangs out, take the opportunity. And send us your pics of you or anyone you see vamped out!

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