Twinklight teaser

So we have another shot of Philippe Delvaux promoting Twinklight, but nothing else from Afton’s blog post. Oh this is going to leave me wondering.

3 thoughts on “Twinklight teaser

  1. I want a Hot House or Titan vampire movie. Why is every vampire porn thing coming out twink?!

  2. Thanks for say this Chris. There is so little gay vampire porn (there’s plenty of the non-gay sadly) and yes the most recently released and soon to be released both feature twinks. I started a forum years ago listing all the best features in a gay vampire porn in a desperate attempt to get the studios to start producing these films. It’s as if because the Vampire of Budapest had been made no one else wanted to make another gay vampire porn. Well maybe those of us that want those films to be made need to write the studios and ask them to make them, and then when they get released, buy them.

    I’m very pleased with Count Cockula and the two most recently released books (Midnight Thirsts and Late Night Boyfriends), but for these products to succeed and squeals made, we need to buy them first (that’s not aimed at you).

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