Twinklight updates stalled again

The last Twinklight update is now almost 2 months ago. While a previously released video was re-released a month ago, no new Twinklight episodes have been added to the site since. We’re in a catch-22. Twinklight needs to be supported to ensure new content but there seems to be no new videos on the horizon. Is it finally time to stop supporting the bi-weekly gay vampire series when we’re barely getting one update a month?

One thought on “Twinklight updates stalled again

  1. Well, about 2 months ago I finally quit subscribing to Twinklight. While I agree that it’s important to support sites like that, I just couldn’t get past the fact that I felt Twinklight was taking advantage of me as a subscriber. They promise updates every two-weeks… something that’s still posted on their site. But the whole time I was a subscriber, updates were posted about once every month. During that time, about a quarter of those updates had NOTHING to do with vampires, and even some that supposedly did failed to show fangs. I just got tired of it. The sad reality is that Twinklight is not a priority for mega-site that runs it. Their other sites update all the time. So why don’t they update Twinklight? Again, I don’t think it’s a priority. I was sad to leave it, but think of how much money I’ve saved in the last two months, during which the only update was a previously released update. Lol!

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