Twinklight will only improve online

There are a few gay vampire adult films that have inferior online versions which we have to live with because of limited or non-existent availability on DVD or that tape stuff we used to use. This was a concern I had with Twinklight, but I am now pleased to confirm that the online and DVD versions are the same cut, however the online version will be expanded with future episodes. Starting August 15, additional scenes will be available online at that will continue the storyline first with extended scenes and director’s cuts, then in September the extra episodes will be released, but only online.

This is quite exciting. I had felt there was much more to see in Twinklight, especially at the end when we see Egan’s final scene. I’m not saying don’t buy the DVD if you plan to watch Twinklight over and over again, but you should consider keeping up with the continuation of Twinklight as the story unfolds. Of course I will do my best to keep reviewing the Twinklight episodes as they come.

Always the pusher (your support of Twinklight ensures films like this are made)… check it out online or buy the DVD.

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