Welcome to the Lair

Since losing the social networking part of this site a few years ago (because Ning is homophobic, long story), I have been wanting to bring the networking back. With this new site comes a new feature, the Lair. I am still working out a few bugs, so I appreciate your patience (or better still be patient or I’ll bite you).

What is the Lair? Well it’s social networking lite, allowing you to create a profile and post your status as well as make friends.

Why is it called the Lair? Because the names crypt, coffin, graveyard, gang and pack seem lame.

Can I make it better? Yes. The Lair is a little rough and buggy and your feedback would be helpful, so leave a comment below.

How do I sign up? Click the following link and fill in your details (your name is optional, but a username and email are needed). Join here

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