Why advertising

Gay Male Vampire doesn’t ask for donations, instead the site relies on advertising to pay the bills (mostly buying all the vampire porn, movies, books, ebooks and gear to review). Maintaining Gay Male Vampire is not a job, it’s a passion done in peoples’ spare time, and we do this for free. This is why we have advertising, but it’s a different kind of advertising. We also don’t spend money promoting this site with paid web and social ads (they’re expensive for one).

Recommended and Approved
The ads you see on Gay Male Vampire have been selected based on personal and good experience with those brands. Since reviewing the Cockula Fleshjack sent to me by Fleshjack, my ex-boyfriend and I have been big fans, and we have purchased several over the years. As I am willing to recommend them to you, I feel comfortable having their ad on the site. In turn they approve our site to have their ad (though this is not an endorsement of our content).

There are a lot of small independent businesses that don’t have advertising and yet I still recommend them — Northbound Leather for example. I spent many years buying a lot of crap products (for example: Bite This, Dracula Sucks Hollywood Guys, leather clothes from some retailers, certain fang brands or underwear), and I don’t want you to waste your money buying something I would not recommend. Which is one reason I will tell you if something isn’t worth buying. Of course we’re all grown ups, if a movie is shit, you can still buy it, I just warned you. If you feel in any way offended by an advertisement on the site, I invite you to contact me with your concerns. Same goes if you think I’m missing something. sebastian (at) gaymalevampire.com

Why don’t you have those Google ads that stalk me around the web?
Maybe you’ve noticed, you visit a website then a short while later you start seeing web ads for that site all over the internet. This is called retargeting. When Google does it, it’s not so creepy (but annoying having underwear ads appearing in articles on your favourite news site). Facebook is going to start doing it, and that *will* be creepy because we’ve all given them every intimate detail about ourselves.

Because Google and several other brands might find some of our content ‘sexually explicit’, they don’t want to be associated with a site like this. That means we can’t have Google ads on this site, and we lose out to funds that would help power the site. Generally this is a broad statement, but with a few we have been rejected for advertising, which is disappointing because I like those brands. I would happily recommend some advertisers, but their ads wouldn’t fit the site.