Gay vampire movie resurrection

With Halloween only days away it’s worth creeping through the dusky crypt that is past gay vampire movies. Sadly there are so few this will be a short article, but I’m “expanding” my “definition” of “gay vampire movie”.

Scab: Ajay feeds

One of the best, if not the best non-adult gay vampire films, Scab was a festival darling that has only been released on DVD in France. The American film from 2004 was made in English but has yet to find a distributor or whatnot in North American. Tlavideo has had it listed as coming soon for at least two years, so I’m not holding my breath. However, I encourage anyone with a Region 2 (or universal) DVD player to pick this film up as I did. If you can’t get to France and the cute little gay book shop in Le Marais, Paris, then visit; with a little work using your high-school French or translating via Google, you can place an order for Scab.

The film centers around Ajay, who gets a nasty surprise from a one-night stand he tried to say no to. The guy was forceful and left Ajay craving the red stuff. When his friends Teague and Floor come to the rescue, a road trip to Las Vegas results in some blood shed and a few new vampires. The way the vampires are made is, to say the least, gay and comes with a bit of baggage for Teague who’s pining for Ajay and Floor, who’s straight. Throughout the film there is plenty of fang action, buckets of blood and some cute victims. Compared to another gay horror movie released at the time, Hellbent (not vampire related), Scab is far superior. Although I didn’t find the film scary, it was a refreshing approach to vampires.

Reviewed by GMV
Overall rating: 4/5
Vampire quality: 4/5
Amount of vampire action: 3/5
Vampire action: fangs, biting, new vampires
Worth the money: yes


Of the Brotherhood movies, the first one was the vampire film. Director David DeCoteau has been getting to really allow his characters to be more out in his more recent films for HereTV, but the Brotherhood was full of homoerotic imagery.

Basically our hero is Chris, a college freshman who the president of an exclusive fraternity picks to be his replacement. Devon (who was my hero) was not only the president, but a vampire, only one without fangs. To remain immortal, Devon must find a new body and picks Chris for his hot body. Soon he begins to turn Chris and helps him feed in an amazing bed scene that was unfortunately a bit distracting with the female victim moaning in ecstasy. So while the film is not outwardly gay, the gay director certainly made a hot homoerotic film with plenty of underwear-clad college boys. It’s still worth checking out.

See, short list. Well there is a feeding scene in the film Flow, and thankfully there’s a few films on YouTube worth checking out. Next up, gay male vampire tv programs.

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