Get ready for Halloween with these popular gay vampires

As I mentioned yesterday, Next Door Studios has released a special video just for Halloween with two gorgeous (and not at all twinkie) vampires in Suck This. And judging from the traffic and buzz, this is one popular video. It’s not bad either! Well, it’s not one of the best, but there are definitely worse gay vampire adult films out there. Make sure you check this one out.

Suck this by Next Door Buddies

Also, don’t forget you only have until Halloween to grab a Count Cockula Fleshjack for only $39.95 (which is cheap even for a Fleshjack). Here’s a trick to get you a treat. Try clicking the link to Count Cockula then close the browser window, you may get an offer to take an extra 15% off your order.

I will stop pushing Twinklight (well once everyone has seen it, and I know you all can’t have watched it yet), but until Oct 31 you can get your first month on for only $19.95. If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to watch the whole movie plus all the extra features that have been piling up since July. AND I’ve been told that there will be two more very special videos added in November (and two more in December), one’s you can’t download.

Finally as a special treat we have a wallpaper for your desktop from Colt Studios.

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