Vampire Diaries finally adds first gay character

We may now finally have an answer to the question about who will be the gay character in Vampire Diaires. As predicted, Caroline’s dad (played by Jack Coleman from Heroes) has appeared unexpectedly at the beginning of season 3. We already know he’s gay, and his character has remained on the sidelines until now. Caroline’s mom briefly disappeared from the storyline, she at least had come to accept her daughter. We were left in suspense through the second episode and only in the last few seconds did the viewer get confirmation that Caroline’s captor was her father. But it seemed from the first moment he appeared on screen, the makeup department had done enough to make him look the part. Can’t imagine the former Heroes star being overly gay, and unless his partner joins the cast, we’re not likely going to see much action to back it up.

Now three episodes in, Vampire Diaries has shown an interesting side. Caroline’s dad attempted to use eversion therapy to help her change her vampiric nature. Yes, the gay man can’t accept his vampire daughter and must teach her to repress her true nature by associating the pain of sunlight with blood. That’s a little ironic. In episode two, Tyler’s mom witnesses his full-moon transformation and has come to accept her son is not a monster (and possibly this will mean she will accept Caroline too).

Vampire Diaries is at its’ heart a teenage drama; the adults are just around because they have to be, although Damien and Stefan are much older than everyone else. So for the most part we’ll be watching the side-line story between the council members and the new token gay character. I certainly hope series creator Kevin Williamson gives us more of a Dawson’s Creek gay character. Teenagers are known to be gay in real life, so I don’t see why none would live in Mystic Falls or have been lucky enough to have been turned. Possibly the vampires are homophobic; or maybe it’s just the CW.

In a side note, Steven McQueen, aka Jeremy, is looking quite fit this season. He clearly spent some of his summer in the gym and he’s maturing nicely. He’s also been seeing dead people since being brought back from the dead. This still doesn’t solve his problem of not being a vampire. In the original story line, Elena gets turned and spends most of the book series a vampire. But she can stay mortal if we can have some hot young vampire males who are not brutally murdered for being different.

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