Vampires have been a long time passion for me. Ever since I was fifteen and first discovered vampires, I dreamed of becoming one (or failing that, going to bed with one). The thought of being strong and powerful, immortal and young forever, and a great seducer, is very exciting to me. And there’s just something sexy about having fangs; vampires are seen as sophisticated but there’s the slight predatory threat about the fangs.

As an avid collector of almost everything from the gay vampire genre, and I want to share everything I know with anyone interested. I have a stack of gay vampire books I’ve collected over the years, and slowly I’ll re-read and review each one to give an honest opinion. I know you can read a book review on several sites, but what’s often missing is whether the book or movie is worth your time and money.

I aim to make gaymalevampire.com is the ultimate source for gay vampire themed movies, tv shows, adult films, books and short stories, and resources, collected and reviewed.

Of course I can’t do this alone. If you have something to add, especially a book or film review you don’t see on the site (or even one you do see), please email me. Some books are no longer in print and some adult films might not be available or worth buying, so if you’ve read it or seen it, share your opinion. (A list of absent reviews is listed below)

Also, when you click an ad or link to Amazon or another online retailer and make a purchase, we receive a small commission to help maintain the site. Actually, if you click the link to visit Amazon and buy anything, it helps too. If you like this site, please consider clicking a link and making a purchase. We won’t know who you are, but thank you in advance!

Sebastien Terrean, Editor
sebastien (at) gaymalevampire.com

Yet to be reviewed (because I can’t find it or haven’t bought it):
Vampire Boys (adult film)
Vampire Vow by Michael Schiefelbein
Winter of the Soul by Gary Bowen
Vampires Anonymous by Jeffrey McMahan

Read and waiting to be reviewed:
Brothers of the Night
Blood of Kings
Blood Prophet
Bound in Blood
Bite Club
Running Dry
Masters of Midnight
Midnight Thirsts
Vampire Transgression by Michael Schiefelbein
Vampire Thrall by Michael Schiefelbein