Toby transformed in Brighter in Darkness

Brighter in Darkness unfolds with second episode starting with a twist

Toby transformed in Brighter in Darkness

The second episode of Brighter in Darkness was released today continuing where the first episode left off, but with a new twist. Brighter in Darkness is the newest gay vampire series, and one that has found an innovative way of releasing its’ 8 episode run online. Shot in the UK, each episode is being released for £1.99 every two weeks.

Now two episodes, in I am really enjoying the storyline so far and the vampires are quite sexy. As an independent production I’m excited to see a filmmaker creating a new and original show featuring gay vampires. The show’s production is a little rough compared with a show like the Lair, but Brighter in Darkness excels with a more interesting plot, and unlike some of the actors in the Lair, these actors are delivering believable and captivating performances.

Compared to paying a similar price for tv episodes on iTunes, my only concern is that you are only able to rent an episode for 24 hours, although that is plenty of time to watch. My only complaint is that it takes too long to get into each episode—with the previous episode review and opening credits the second show didn’t begin until 6 minutes in and was further delayed by some scrolling text to set up the story. I can understand the need to review the previous episode after two weeks break and engage the viewer in the backstory, however the opening credits could have been shorter, a feature common to most tv series in the UK. (Thankfully everyone is already acknowledged during the end credits). I know, I’m being greedy because I’m simply asking for more time for the main story. And to be fair, this was one complaint I had about The Lair, and those episodes were about 22 minutes before all the extras (well below 18 minutes once you got through the credits and preview).

So now after the second episode, we have witnessed how Lucas came to become a vampire and seen Toby transform as well. There seems to be a lot of story to tell over the next six episodes and it will definitely be exciting to watch this unfold. I do recommend Brighter in Darkness, it’s a fine show and it is worth supporting good independent filmmaking (and all 8 episodes are still cheaper than most adult films).

Episodes 1 & 2 of Brighter in Darkness are now available at

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2 thoughts on “Brighter in Darkness unfolds with second episode starting with a twist

  1. Just watch both episodes back to back and really enjoyed them. Great sexy characters and its based in the UK which is fab. At last a gay vampire series that doesnt rely on porn….. thumbs up. Lets hope the rest lives up to the frist episodes.

  2. Brighter in darkness is a great show!! The actors are hot and the bite scene is very good!

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