Coming soon: Vampire Diaries and Lost Boys 3

Vampire Diaries will be returning with season 2 starting on September 9th. The sophomore season promises a new gay character, who I still hope is not Caroline’s dad. Also this is the first new episode since the cliff hanger left viewers wondering if Jeremy would become a vampire (oh I hope so!), and a bunch of other things involving Catherine and Uncle John, blah blah blah. Yes, let’s hope Jeremy is a vampire. There’s been a lot of chatter about one of the Salvatore brothers (well Damien) being at the very least bi, but both seem focused on Elena.

In other news Lost Boys: The Thirst (aka Lost Boys 3) will be released on DVD October 12 in the US (and 18 October in the UK). Pre-order the US version from and the UK version from

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