Fashion for vampires

Let’s face it, we all buy clothes. And while I’ll admit I am not the most fashionable fag, I have some taste, especially for clothes that give that hot vampire look. And also underwear; I buy a lot of that, must be a gay thing as well.

I promised more content outside the standard gay vampire articles I usually write, which will also eventually include ‘straight’ vampire news, but also anything that catches my fancy. Therefore may I introduce two new sections on Gay Male Vampire: fashion and gear.

In the next few days the site will be flooded with fashion articles, hopefully you like my new rants which might get in the way of previous news articles. I will also be throwing in a bit of shopping advice and deals, ignore it if you’re not into consumerism.


The new fashion section will feature everyday and special day clothes for that vampire look. My personal bias is toward a lot of leather, but not necessarily in that ‘leather scene’ style. Expect everyday fashion news including footwear (my new obsession is finding the right high-top sneakers), underwear (sexy and practical) and anything else you can wear.


Everything else that doesn’t fit into fashion (and some that does) will be found in gear. I’ve already moved several older articles; a review of the Cockula Fleshjack product, the vampire how-to, and advice on fangs. In other words, it’s a mixed bag of stuff that’s not a movie, tv show, book or adult film.

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