1h49m (109 mins) Drama 2013 Rating:

Rufus is a shy and lonely boy determined to make a new start. Sure he has some quirks. So what if he likes the taste of blood? It’s not like he’s addicted. When a cunning vampire hunter slips into town searching for the fountain of youth, Rufus fears his darkest secret is about to be revealed.

Released in some markets as ‘Hunted’.


Merritt Patterson, Richard Harmon, Kim Coates, David James Elliott, Kelly Rowan, Rory J. Saper


Dave Schultz


Dave Schultz

Rufus is one of the most overlooked but outstanding vampire films. The Canadian production starting young British actor Rory J. Saper, tells a compelling story that reimagines the vampire genre with a one-of-a-kind immortal youth. For a vampire appearing so young, Rufus catches the eye of authorities and brought into the system, although he could easily have lived on streets in a larger city.