The Brotherhood

1h25m (85 mins) Horror 2001 Rating:

Vampires are the legend. This is reality.
A college freshman goes to a frat party and wakes up with a strange thirst for blood. He soon discovers the fraternity is actually secret society of vampires and that he is their newest recruit.


Sam Page, Josh Hammond, Bradley Stryker, Elizabeth Bruderman, Forrest Cochran, Michael Lutz, Donnie Eichar, Christopher Cullen, Brandon Beemer, Brian Bianchini, Chloe Cross, Rebekah Ryan, Matt Ebin, Lauren Bailey, Mario Adractas, Karl Anderson, Jaimarie Bjorge, Randi Curtis, Colleen Gallagher, Vincent Grousso, Gregory James, Brandon Loeser, Micheal Messick, James North, Alysa Ratliff, Vanessa Schafer


David DeCoteau


Barry Levy, Matthew Jason Walsh