Fright Night remake

Hollywood seems to be struggling for new ideas and this is causing an explosion of sequels and remakes. Enter Fright Night, an 80s vampire film that has a small cult following but could have been better. Fright Night followed a teen, Charley, who suspects his new neighbor is more than he seems. When he suspects the man is a vampire he enlists the help of a late night horror movie vj and his best buddy Ed (or Evil Ed). The buddy was played by Stephen Geoffreys who had a good acting career in the 80s which he developed into roles in gay porn in the 90s (which is so how the reverse of most actors on the Lair). Well Evil Ed gets some fangs in what was the highlight of the film for me, but it doesn’t end happily (actually there was room to include him in the sequel which didn’t happen).

So Fright Night version 2, had better be brilliant even if remakes don’t have good track records. Craig Gillespie will be directing this possible success with Anton Yelchin (Alpha Dog, Star Trek) starring as Charley and the vampire being played by Colin Farrell… um, hot. The washed up tv host will be a much younger Peter Vincent character, an illusionist / magician in the style of Criss Angel, played by one of the best actors around, David Tennant… yes, *the Doctor*. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was cast as Evil Ed, you know, McLov’n from Superbad. At least with Tennant and Farrell there is a very good chance this film will turn out okay, fingers crossed. However since it’s a remake and we live in different times, I expect, NO, I demand some quality gay content! So let’s hope no girl friend is cast for Charley or that the vampire, Evil Ed or even Peter are gay.

One final wish, the vampire and Evil Ed were quite, um, ugly as vampires. This would be bad, vampires are supposed to be sexy, hot gruesome demons.

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  1. Tennant! I thought I was seeing things when I saw his picture. That just owns. Must tell my friend about this. Thanks.

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