Gay Dracula in 3D

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I’ve just discovered the latest gay vampire adult film to come to market, HIS Dracula, a 3D porn parody of Dracula. Available on March 20 (though you can pre-order now from TLA), this video marks the first gay vampire 3D film. So if you happened to have a 3D tv, here’s your chance. Actually the only other 3D gay adult film is 3D BelAmi. I have not yet seen HIS Dracula, the gay vampire parody, so I can’t as yet pass judgement.

Now details are scares, but from what I can tell, HIS Dracula is a retelling of the classic story who the producers are referring to as the greatest lover who ever lived, died, lived again, and fucked whomever, whenever. The movie will be available as a 2-disc DVD set (one disc for regular play, one for the 3D version) and in 3D Blu-Ray (which means you’ll need a 3D tv and 3D Blu-ray player for that one). I’ve said before, porn killed Betamax in favor of VHS. It could have done the same for Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD, but the adult film industry could be the catalyst that saves 3D tv.

You can also tell from the films cover, if you are sick of twink vampires (I’m not for the record) then this may just be the movie for you. Many of these guys could have their own twink sons, you know like not just as sugar daddies. HIS Dracula stars Ari Sylvio, Steven Daigle, Alan Stafford, Amber Cherry, Andy Appleton, Jack Lawrence, Jeremy Bilding, Joey Brass, John Magnum, Seth Roberts, Will Swagger and was directed by Bobby Drake. It runs 74 mins long. The DVD set comes with two pairs of anaglyph (the red/blue ones) 3D glasses for the 3D DVD version.

HIS Dracula

HIS Dracula backcover

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  1. The thing that turns me on about vampires is how they are able to use hypnosis. As said, the scenes are scarce and I do know it’s porn haha, but I really hope there are at least some scenes where they hypnotize some guys to join in. The movies I’ve tried to find has barely any hypnosis. Here’s hoping!

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