Giving The Originals a chance

While I continue to watch The Vampire Diaries, I don’t trip over myself to watch every episode immediately. So I also didn’t rush to watch the premiere of The Originals. I have been looking forward to a storyline that finally will include a gay vampire, of course what I wasn’t expecting with the first episode was a repeat of the pilot originally shown last spring.

This week saw the first new instalment of The Originals which laid out the storyline for this season. The Original family, the Mikaelson siblings, have settled back into New Orleans with Rebekah finally joining her brothers. Of course she finds Elijah has gone missing and already knows what the audience saw in the first episode, Elijah was staked by Klaus. The Mikaelson’s have moved home, Klaus bound to the city by the pregnant Haley, but with the witches under Marcel’s thumb and werewolves banished, Klaus wants to get to the bottom of Marcel’s hold on New Orleans.

As episode 2 unfolds we watch several flashbacks to the 1800s when the Mikaelson children helped build New Orleans. This will probably be a common feature of episodes and much like most vampire movies and films with century old vampires, the contemporary story will often find relevance in their past histories. In this episode, we get a glimpse of Marcel’s history, and how he came to be turned into a vampire by Klaus. Marcel gives Klaus a tour of the club he has created for vampires to feel safe in (and be able to feed), but some of the prey have turned up at the morgue, requiring Marcel to save the corpses. And so we finally meet the new vampire Josh, The Original’s gay vampire (played by Steven Krueger) Rebekah’s search for Elijah leads him to discover the weapon Marcel has against the witches.

So the stage is set for this new series, which will have a lot of the angst and drama we saw in The Vampire Diaries, but finally a gay vampire will feature in the story.

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