Halloween desktop treats

I think these have been recycled from last year, but Nextdoor Studios has sent over some vampire themed desktop images featuring Marcus Mojo, Trystan Bull and Brandon Lewis. Nextdoor has also hinted in their email that there will be something else coming next week (cutting it close aren’t they!). Last year Nextdoor Male had the very hot Suck This with Marcus and Samuel O’Toole, so hopefully they’ll do another vampire film.

Click/tap images below to get full size version (then right-click to save as…)

4 thoughts on “Halloween desktop treats

  1. Looks like they’ve posted a couple of trailers on their behind the scenes page. Both look pretty hot, and fangs are improved this time around.

  2. If only some studio would get the right combination of hot guys (like the Vampire Fever one above) with realistic-looking fangs (like they had in the original Twinklight) . . .

  3. Yes! There’s one called “Demonlover,” which looks pretty good, and another called “Dead Head,” which looks even better. Thanks for the heads up, Ryan

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