Halloween is coming, tell me what you’re doing

Halloween may be over a month away and my costume is already sorted (as if I’ve ever gone as anything other than a vampire), but over here in Europe Halloween isn’t as big. I know there are big parties in New York City, San Francisco, and even Toronto, but what else is happening? If you know of a gruesome event, the more vampire related the better, please share with everyone. The boyfriend and I have been thinking of going someplace cool (in Europe) but so far no one is promoting any events. I’m sure in the next few weeks, the big parties will be announced so eventually we’ll find something. Don’t keep your local festivities to yourself!

One thought on “Halloween is coming, tell me what you’re doing

  1. Hey there..

    Ive been to draculas Ball in Phili and some events in NYC. My favorite events are the Endless night vamp balls in NYC or New Orleans. Lots of eye candy and more serious of a vamp scene than what some gay clubs (vamp nights) have to offer. The downside is: many of these folks claim they are polysexual but most dont want man to man action just women to women.

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