Halloween tricks and treats from Next Door

With a special thanks to Ryan for sharing the news, Next Door Studios will have a few special videos this Halloween. Dead Head features a vampire and horned-creature (Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero) coming October 27 on Next Door Buddies, while in Demonlover Rod Daily is a demon with fangs and blood-red eyes awoken by Silas O’Hara to be released October 28. Check them out later this week.

So while Rod is being called a demon, he certainly looks like a vampire. In Dead Head, the boys are at a boring Halloween party, but it’s too late to find a new party, so the pair make the best of a bad situation. Hopefully there’s a twist to these little tales.

3 thoughts on “Halloween tricks and treats from Next Door

  1. Great!! Next Door Studios is the best!! Always thinking on their fans!! I can say that this is the best halloween ever!! Thanks!!

  2. The guy has some bite marks on the trailer to Demonlover so hopefully we get a few bites! I’m looking more forward to the horned demon in the Dead Head, the vamp just isn’t doing anything for me. 🙁

  3. Rod Daily with fangs its already great for me!! Haha!! I saw the trailer two!! I just don’t know where he bites the guy!!

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