Immortal Kiss looks like another DeCoteau disappointment

The David DeCoteau formula may be broken. There was a time when his low-budget films were worth watching but lately the tried-and-true DeCoteau formula has sunk to new lows. 1313: Boy Crazies was a promising premise, hot male models turned vampires, but the film was a disappointment lacking in fangs and much more than 20 minutes of original footage. Well now DeCoteau has returned with another vampire movie, Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night, and already it doesn’t look good.

Five hot shirtless guys roaming around the same house used by the models in Boy Crazies are seeking the approval of the vampire Queen, played by former Bond girl Trina Parks. She intends to turn one of the young men to have a companion for eternity, however the men have taken the competition too seriously so slowly the boys are killed off to clear the way. Aside from using the same disastrous house, many of the same lighting techniques, or tricks, have been utilised in Immortal Kiss. Several scenes are cast in a blue hue suggesting more dream sequence. Boy Crazies was a short film made longer using several minutes of repeat footage showing one of the models slowly tour the house in a dream. The same tricks could be employed in Immortal Kiss to stretch out the weak plot.

David DeCoteau’s films have ranged from openly gay to straight but strangely homoerotic. Immortal Kiss seems to lean toward the homoerotic and as there is no obvious hint that the shirtless guys are gays. We’ll have wait until November 1 to watch the complete film, but it’s probably not worth the wait. Of course you’re free to check it out for yourself on Amazon or iTunes

Summmary: Five young men from different walks of life convene on a mansion to meet the mysterious Amina, who has lured them there with promises of a lucrative job – but actually they are to become her new consort in the immortal life of a vampire. But as Amina’s twisted assistant, Parnell, begins to kill his rivals, leaving wily Tariq the only one left standing, who proves himself supreme in this Darwinian battle to the death.

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  1. I skimmed thru this a few weeks ago, wasn’t seeing any guys with fangs. Did I miss some good scenes??

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