Immortal Kiss Queen of the Night is as bad as you think

Until today I hadn’t bothered watching Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night, David DeCoteau’s recent vampire film, and even now I’m wishing for the hour back. Actually the film is 76 minutes but I scanned through most of it. DeCoteau was making a name for himself creating gay films for HereTV but he’s returned to his original art with straight horror films. Unfortunately the magic was lost along the way.

After making the mistake of purchasing DeCoteau’s last vampire film, 1313: Boy Crazies, I pretty much decided to save my money with future films. So I did not have high hopes for Immortal Kiss going in, especially given the film’s setting being the same house used in 1313 (actually 1313 is the house’s address in the 1313 film series). Here’s the summary, five perfect males are brought to a house by an eccentric rich old lady (who happens to be a vampire) in hopes that one of them will become her immortal mate. She remains hidden while her assistent takes care of the boys, and it seems he’s jealous. The boys start dying and there’s a slight twist at the end, but it doesn’t completely save the movie.

The film features several long scenes showing some of the boys showering, alone, or lifting weights. It may be a straight film but it seems more like soft core. But it doesn’t save the movie.

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