Judge this werewolf for yourself

Teen Wolf premiered on Sunday with a second episode airing Monday night in it’s regular time slot. It’s partly a re-make of the Michael J. Fox movie, except that it’s not a comedy. Our ‘hero’ Scott is bitten by a wolf and cursed to become a werewolf. His abilities are enhanced after the bite and he soon becomes a star player on his school’s lacrosse team, ruffling the ego of Colton Haynes (who played a werewolf in The Gates). When Scott first transforms he’s not half bad with his fangs, though we see the wolf that bit him fully transformed and he’s less appealing. But ultimately he’s a werewolf. The upside is the rumor there will be a gay character in Teen Wolf, but I have my fingers crossed we’ll also see vampires, after all nearly every vampire show or movie has been ruined by adding werewolves. Nothing says they have to be enemies either, but obviously the vampire will be hotter and better. And here’s the bonus, the pilot/premiere episode is available for free on itunes in HD (and standard-def), plus the second episode is there to download too.

Download Teen Wolf from iTunes free

5 thoughts on “Judge this werewolf for yourself

  1. I watched the pilot and episode 1 and was impressed by the dark quality of the show . . . even though the lead actor isn’t great looking, his rating goes way up when he is shown shirtless (which, thankfully, is quite a lot)

    Maybe the gay character will turn out to be the guy who bites him . . .

  2. I haven’t watched but I saw an ad with the poster, is there another hot werewolf in it? I thought I saw the background guy with glowing eyes too.

    TB Alcide and TVD Mason have a small part of me wanting to be a furbanger now too :/

    And agreed, they have to have a vamp ep! 🙂

  3. I agree with Jeff. Pilot was very good and the show did have the perfect dark quality to it. Great fang shot during the transformation scenes. I think the gay character may be the lead actor’s best friend. Just a hunch on that one.

  4. Yes, I did a few freeze frames myself during the transformations to get a good look at the fangs. When he turns full on wolf-boy, though, it’s more comical than sexy.

    I like his best friend, too . . . their relationship reminds me of the dorky-but-lovable “Big Wolf on Campus” (which also did a few vampire episodes)

    1. Teen Wolf also reminded me of Big Wolf on Campus and the buddy relationship. Two of the vampires that appeared on Big Wolf were Corey Haim and Corey Feldman playing themselves but as vampires.

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