Lair 3 update, finally

Well I know I am slightly late reporting this news, but as I have a life and don’t visit every day in hopes that they will announce when the third season of the Lair will air, it’s understandable I’m just catching up. Yes it’s true, the third season of the Lair will premiere in September. The clever marketing department over at Here is feeding us a web-comic with a new page each until the premiere, as well as a countdown clock; 40 days and counting.

The first comic features Colin and if I am reading into the one-page story correctly, maybe the series writers are angling for a way to bring Colin back from the dead. Okay idea, but I have a better one; bring Jonathan back, he was a hotter vamp by far.

While I’m on the subject of deconstructing the second season, I’m going to cross my fingers and pray that the Lair writers are going to return the focus in season three on the main story: the Lair club and the vampires that live there. The Lair was meant to be a gay vampire drama, but it has recently been cluttered with killer plants and werewolves.

I’m continuously searching the web for season 3 photos and I will post them when they become available, until then check out the web comic: Lair Comic

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  1. regarding the lair season 1 does anyone know where i can get the songs they use – i love the rock/metal soundtrack they had for the frst season, but it doesnt give a list of the songs anywhere……..

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