Late Night Boyfriends available

It’s official. This morning I woke up to find that Late Night Boyfriends is now available for purchase from I am hoping it appears in other stores soon (including internationally), but I’m going to recommend not waiting and getting it through Amazon.

The finished book looks fantastic. I love the cover and the book is thicker and bigger than I expected. 13 stories have been crammed onto 216 pages; and what amazing stories they are. If you prefer your vampire stories to feature endings without stakings, then this is your book. It’s definitely one of the top five gay vampire anthologies available.

By far my favorite story is “Slave” by Ryan Brixton. The main character finds himself enslaved by a sexy, but vicious vampire. I loved the ending! “Attack”, “All in your head” and the anthology’s editors own story, “Second Chance” are also great tales. But I enjoyed every story, which I’ve not had in a gay vampire anthology for some time. I’m post a full review shortly.

Late Night Boyfriends is certainly worth the money, and a must read for every gay vampire or gay fiction reader. Trust me, pick it up now!

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