Late Night Boyfriends: update

I got an email from Ethan, editor of Late Night Boyfriends, and he’s proudly announced he’s started a twitter account for the moment the book is available for sale.

Follow Ethan if you are awaiting the book launch,

I guess gaymalevampire (or even yours truly) should get on this twitter bandwagon.

PS Ethan has also kindly supplied an excerpt from the book.

Excerpted from “All in your head” by Ephram Green from “Late Night Boyfriends”
© 2009, Korhuggtander Press & Ephram Green

When I opened my apartment door, he slowly paraded passed me and immediately sought the bedroom. He seemed more than a little eager to play. I had held back from drinking any alcohol, deciding instead to take a break after my experience the week before. This college student, all of 19, had downed at least five pints while we flirted at the bar and he taking extra care to appear sober.

I stood at my bedroom doorway and raked my eyes up and down his slim and athletic body. He eyes scanned my room before falling lazily upon me. Eyes half closed he attempted a seductive smile.

“You’re so hot,” he slurred before insulting me, “for an old guy.” He tried to grab at my shirt but couldn’t stand straight enough to allow his fingers to even brush the fabric.

“Fuck you, I’m only 25,” I replied. I pulled his crotch against my stiff cock to steady him, and held his lips closed in a kiss before he could say something else stupid. I was expecting the cocky brat to reply, ‘yes, fuck me.’

Slowly I moved my kisses away from his lips, down the soft hairless chin to his exposed neck. He smelled so exotic and his fragrant skin tasted of spice. I pulled his t-shirt over his head and throw it to the floor. He then attempted to help me with mine, but pawed helplessly. Gently I massaged his smooth chest with one hand, feeling his strong firm pecs. I continued to hold him against me, fearing he would tip over. He smiled lazily up at me, a full head shorter, and swept this hand across his crest to push my hand away.

“Ouch,” he said looking down at his chest. “I’ve cut myself again! This stupid ring keeps cutting me.” He pulled a ring off his finger and held it to me, the ring was made from three interlocking bands and one had split open, the sharp metal jutting out.

I looked at his chest and saw the small cut that had caused him grief.
“Boy, that’s hardly a scratch.” Slowly I leaned down and licked away the blood, the cut was indeed a scratch. I planted my lips on his again then leaned back and looked at the graceful curve of his neck. A thought suddenly sprang to mind, I was hungry.

I kissed the soft flesh gently then bit down on the neck. Unlike the scratch on his chest, when I bit down the cut was deep and his blood sprayed up into my waiting mouth. I instantly pressed my lips to the skin and began to vigorously suck in his blood. Even in his drunken state he soon started to struggle, but I held him tight against my body with one hand tightly covering his mouth. It seemed to take minutes to until I began to feel full and he had stopped squirming.

Letting the student’s body fall to the floor, I went into my bathroom and flicked on the light. The reflection showed my lips wet with his red blood. I opened my mouth wide and examined my teeth, my two canines had grown longer and sharper. I licked the remaining blood from my lips and smiled, playing the tip of my tongue over my new fangs.

After a week of checking myself in the mirror for any further change, in mere minutes my teeth had sharpened and grown. It hadn’t been a dream, I had become a vampire. Reflexively I made my fangs draw back into my gums, but when I ran my tongue over them they were still sharp points.

“I guess he did bite me,” I said aloud to myself and thought of last week’s one night stand who I couldn’t remember. I looked back into the bedroom and the body lying lifelessly on the floor, wondering how I was going to get rid of the corpse.

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