Looking beyond the Halloween walk of shame

Halloween is over for another year, but there’s plenty to look forward to in the next few months. Of course the next Twilight movie will be hitting screens in a few weeks, but there is plenty of things worth waiting for. Aside from much to look forward to from Twinklight, there will be a few books coming up. Here’s a review of the latest gay vampire news and what’s coming up.

Vampires: Brighter in Darkness

If you have been following past news, Brighter in Darkness is a great independent gay vampire series which got it’s start online before getting onto a satellite channel. Well the episodes were re-cut into a feature film that’s been hitting screens around the UK. Plans are in the works for a DVD release followed by three further feature films. Expect a bigger budget and better quality.


Now making the festival rounds, Vamperifica looks like a great vampire film. Carmen is a gay college drama student who happens to be the reincarnation of a vampire king, and his followers have found him and restored him, but Carmen is not finding being a vampire that easy. Read the full story and watch the trailer.

Bite Marks

A nice proper horror film, Bite Marks stars a hitch-hiking gay couple who get picked up by a truck driver hauling a load of coffins. The coffins ain’t empty and when the GPS leads them astray the vampires awake. I don’t anticipate the couple get lucky and become vampires, but who knows (actually there’s a brilliant comment after our write up which is pretty good spoiler that answers some questions). It’s coming out on DVD this month, if you can wait! Pre-order it from amazon.com or from tlavideo.com.

1313: Boy crazies

David DeCoteau’s latest movie will the released on DVD in February. Boy Crazies is the story of a house full of models who happen to be vampires. Trent’s dream to become a model is coming along nicely, that is until he moves into the model house and is turned into a vampire. Basically it’s more hot vampires with their shirts off strutting around; nothing wrong with that (although one of the guys has long hair). Read more about the film.

Vampire Diaries

I’m still holding out hope that a gay character will be introduced to the show, one who will be vampire would be nice, or at least someone other than Caroline’s father. Yes I’m asking a lot, but show creator Kevin Williamson used to run Dawson’s Creek which was going well until gay-character Jack McPhee (played by Kerr Smith) joined the cast and the show took off.

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