Lost Boys 3 trailer appears

If you haven’t seen the new Lost Boys: The Thirst trailer, here it is. It seems Alan Frog returns in the film as a human even though he mad a cameo in a deleted scene in Lost Boys: The Tribe as a vampire. (I may be wrong, there’s one short clip in the video that looks like Alan with fangs… so maybe he has teamed up with Edgar to stop an army of vampires even if he is one). This time around, vampire blood is a drug that is turning beautiful young men (and women) into a vampire army. Edgar (Corey Feldman) is hired to save a writer’s son (who judging from the trailer may be an attractive young blond who will probably sadly not remain a vampire but be saved). Still, I’ll be sure to catch this direct-to-dvd movie which will still be better than countless other terrible vampire flicks.

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