Missing Twinklight episode surfaces

Twinklight vampire Giovanni Lovell and Max RyderTwinklight vampire Giovanni Lovell and Max RyderTwinklight vampire Giovanni Lovell and Max RyderTwinklight vampire Giovanni Lovell and Max RyderTwinklight vampire Giovanni Lovell and Max RyderOnly last week in my review of the latest Twinklight episode in which twink vampire Dylan Chambers seduces and bites Tanner Shane, I also wrote about the missing Twinklight video. Twinklight episodes are often out of sequence, but we were getting further away from number 31. Well it seems the wait is finally over.

Premiering February 24, ‘Giovanni Owns Sexy Max’ sees the return of both the sexy Spanish twink vampire Giovanni and previous victim Max Ryder. Max was bit by Carson in episode 29 and again recently by Eddie Cruz in number 33, putting his encounter with Giovanni after being with Carson (who was turned by Giovanni). So it seems the vampires pass around their partners/victims.

Vampire boy Giovanni has a new prey in this video, the sexy young twink Max! The boy is under the erotic spell of his new master and Giovanni is on a mission. Giovanni has become one of my favorite vampires so I’m excited to see him return, and judging from the promo, this episode looks amazing so I hope it meets my expectations.

The final release of this delayed Twinklight video doesn’t put the episodes back in sequence. The previous update number 35 corrected the vampire-less episode 34 which has now since vanished. Will there eventually be a replacement for number 34 or will the series pick up next at episode 36? And more importantly where is the Twinklight series going?

I’m probably reading too much into the series, but when it was created the aim was to have a storyline to tie the scenes together. While actors come and go, it’s difficult to keep the characters recurring. A few beautiful vampires have been introduced but they’ve eventually disappeared. The single reason I subscribe to Twinklight is for the vampires as there’s plenty of other adult film videos to watch if that wasn’t my fetish.

Maybe a lull in vampires has finally come about and it’s time to take a break. Twinklight is not offering much in the way of new and interesting stories and the vampires are hardly central to the videos anymore. I was ready to give up at episode 34 so it’s good that the video was pulled. But the original magic that made Twinklight brilliant in the beginning has gone. Don’t get me wrong, the latest videos are much improved and the vampires are fanged and hot, but either the series needs a shake up or to go out on a high. And is it not about time other studios get in on the action, I think so.

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