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Gaymalevampire caught up with Chase earlier this week, and here’s another interview that only came out today on the Unzipped blog.

20-year-old Chase Harding is earning rave reviews for his lead role in Twinkblood, the new release from Boy Crush/Saggerz Skaterz, and he recently talked to me about who he fucked in the movie, what it’s like being a twink, and how one time a Kuwaiti man wouldn’t let him leave his hotel room.

Chase his charming, smart, and cute. Also, he has a big dick. Enjoy his interview, then see him work it out in Twinkblood!

Hi Chase Harding! So what is up with all these twinks in Twinkblood? Who are they?
Ha! The whole cast was really great. We shot in Phoenix over four or five days. There was a newbie named Felix. Miles has been with Boy Crush for a while now. And you know Patrick Kennedy, right?

Yes, I wrote earlier that you and Patrick were the only ones I knew. So how does it feel being labeled a twink?
I feel like you have to start somewhere. My manager, Jason Sechrest, told me that twinks are a fetish and to use what you have to your advantage. I am trying to build more muscle so I can be in between the twink and the college jock look, so stay tuned.

OK, I will. How’d you get into porn?
I’m from Maryland and use to party in DC. I met people there who were in porn, and they kind of helped me get into it. Originally, I wanted to do it just once, to see what it was like, but then I really liked it and couldn’t stop! I don’t necessarily do it for the money. It’s more about having a great time and meeting great people.

Who haven’t you met or worked with that you’d like to?
I’d definitely love to work with Brent Corrigan or Brent Everett. They’ve graduated on to the next level and I could learn a lot from them. Also, Aiden Ash is hilarious. I love him and I’d love to do a scene with him.

Aiden Ash? Uhhh…What about older guys? Or are you ageist?
No! But the thing is, I don’t bottom that much. I’m always the top. So topping some 40-year-old man…I don’t know. What would that look like? Would that be right?

I think it’d be fine! Tell me the best and worst experiences you’ve had in the industry so far.
Well, I’ve been working, mostly with Boy Crush, for close to a year now. The best thing has been having Jason as a manager. It happened out of the blue and was not expected, so I’m really grateful for that. The worst thing would have to be my experience with Afton Nills.

Oh right. The guy that was supposedly making Twinklight. That never happened.
Right. It was so annoying. He cast me, did test pictures, took me to the GayVNs, but we never filmed anything. I kept asking him when we were gonna start, and finally, to shut me up, he said we’d do a trailer. Then there was an incident with a cameraman/co-producer, where he was hitting on me. It was extremely unprofessional.

Not good.
Yeah. And then Afton Nills didn’t like that I wanted to be paid more. He told me $500 for one scene, and that wasn’t what was originally planned. So, we parted ways. He was a very vengeful man, and the whole thing was obviously not worth it.

Well, you finally got to make your vampire movie, and it’s actually being released! Who are your scenes with?
I know, on Halloween! I’m in two scenes. One where I fuck Felix, and then a flip-flop with Patrick.

You all play vampires, so what were your character names?
Umm…I don’t know? I don’t think we ever said each other’s names.

Ha ha. OK, well did you fuck with all that vampire make-up and the fangs on?
No, we took everything off during the sex scenes.

And is the movie funny, scary, or serious? I mean, it’s about twinks, so I’m thinking comedy?
We brought in a lot of vampire themes and ideas. And not just Twilight and True Blood stuff. We brought in things from older and iconic vampire movies. Of course, it’s a hardcore porn, too, so expect a lot of fucking.

Nice. Do you have a boyfriend?
I’m pretty much single, but there’s someone—

—but it’s not concrete.

OK, you’re planning on being boyfriends?
Yes, hopefully.

Do you have a second job?
I do some escorting.

Any crazy escort stories?
Yeah. One client—I think he was from Kuwait—wouldn’t let me leave! I guess it’s a different culture over there, because he was like, “I’ll give you more money, you stay longer. I have the money, so you stay as long as I want.” Eventually, security had to come.

Yeah. Things are different in Kuwait than they are here when it comes to escorting. Does anyone in your family know what you do?
My parents know, but my grandparents don’t. My mom told me not to tell them.

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