Mystic Falls to remain gay free for another year

Vampire Diaries executive producer Kevin Williamson (out gay creator of Dawon’s Creek) has confirmed that there won’t be a gay character added to the show this year. He suggests reports from last summer overplayed his words, but it sounds too defensive. Worse, in a recent interview at a CW party for the Television Critics Association Williamson was quoted saying “Caroline’s dad is a founding family member and we’ve already established him as being gay so I think it would be great to come in and have a fierce gay man run that council.” Yet another vampire-phobe in the town. And here I thought a gay man could relate to being an outcast. Better yet, if only there was another Damon/Stefan like hot young vampire who is also gay. If Caroline’s father does join the cast, maybe such a gay vampire can be his boyfriend or maybe he lusts after the vampire and is conflicted.

“We won’t get around to it this season,” said Williamson, and reiterated that he very much wants to add a gay character to the show, but that “I want to do it right. You don’t want to bring him in just to bring him in.” Well that doesn’t help. But thankfully he noted that the gay character wouldn’t be a werewolf as that metaphor was “too obvious.”

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