Now you can be a vampire with retractable fangs

I’m so excited by this “new” product that I only just found and immediately ordered from Amazon. These special fx fangs are supposed to be retractable and I got very excited when I read that and pictured the results. If anyone has already tried these and has an opinion, leave a comment. But mine are on order and I’ll have a full review once I have tried them out.

Can’t wait for my review? Order either this model of retractable vampire fangs or these special fx fangs (both from UK readers can grab these retractable fangs from

For those not looking to try these but need a regular pair for Halloween or everyday play, there are a few variaties including Scarecrow Custom Vampire Fangs and my personal favorite (because they are sharper and more pointed) the line from Foothills including Sexy Bite Fangs and Dracula Fangs. Sexy bite fangs are smaller fangs and the Dracula model are bigger—try both if you want to swap between discreet everyday slight canines and elongated fangs.

3 thoughts on “Now you can be a vampire with retractable fangs

  1. Great pair of fangs but with limitations. Make sure you mold them correctly. Good for show but you cant really talk with them in…

    1. Thanks for the tip. It’s hard to speak with most fangs in your mouth… so maybe wear them those times when you’re doing something else with your mouth. I guess the point of these vampire fangs is that you are retracting them often enough… and should you want to keep your elongated canines exposed, swap them for a regular pair of Sexy bites.

  2. I am with you….its a hot look to see the fangs come down. I agree – if your gonna do more with the fangs – you will need to swap them out for something much more stable…

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