Out of print gay vampire books can rise again

There a good number of gay vampire books I have not been able to read because they are simply out of print. For example I swear Running Dry by M. Christian had gone out of print, so I was happy to see it available on Smashwords in ebook form, however it must have been reprinted because Running Dry is available on Amazon although the cover is new (photo of original book shown).

Another book, Lovers Who Stay With You is one of the best gay vampire anthologies (it contains a lot of stories, and a few of them are really good such as Making it a Three-Way, and while it is out of print, it’s thankfully available on Kindle from Amazon.com. One lucky UK reader can grab the last copy left at amazon.co.uk (it says more are on the way, but from where?)… or get it for Kindle for half the price.

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