Quick review for two quick digital books

Just a quick update on the digital book Gay Orgy of the Vampires. Written by Rob Mathews, who also wrote Vampire Boy Slave, Gay Orgy of the Vampires is a short read… and like Vampire Boy Slave, almost too short. Both books end happily, in my opinion, however they end a little too soon and the revelations with the main characters is left hanging from a cliff. Vampire Boy Slave was actually a really steamy read and I was excited by the ending, though there was only subtle mention of fangs toward the end. As I said, both seemed to end with a similar conclusion that left me feeling like I had blue-balls. At least in Vampire Boy Slave, the boys were gay, while in Gay Orgy of the Vampires, the main character seems to be straight. My main reason for buying these ebooks was to enjoy a gay vampire story, but the particular treatment of vampires was less than perfect. There price was also a bit more than should have been appropriate for the number of words. In conclusion, I’m not saying these books are terrible, but I’d also not urge anyone to rush out and buy them; maybe if they were on sale or combined in one volume. Overall, the few vampire stories in Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight were far better.

Gay Orgy of the Vampires: get it from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk
Vampire Boy Slave: get it from
or amazon.co.uk

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