Scratching a vampire itch

Every time I get an itch for vampires I end up watching some rerun or returning to one of my favorite vampire stories. But sometimes it would just be nice to discover something new, unfortunately it’s rare, after all there are only so many times I can watch the Vampire Boys or The Lair. I’m also not a very patient individual, which is hard considering how long we wait between Twinklight episodes, so I always look for the quickest release (good thing we’re living in an on-demand world).

Recently I panned 1313: Boy Crazies. You can see it on iTunes or Amazon instant, but I don’t suggest you do. Thankfully there are some good treats available on-deamand, such as Bite Marks [iTunes] or Vampire Boys [iTunes UK or], or finally Eulogy for a Vampire [iTunes].

Now if movies are not your taste and you’d prefer to read, there’s plenty to read. I always like to return to some of my favorite short stories in collections like Lovers Who Stay With You [Amazon Kindle or Amazon UK] or Midnight Thirsts/Masters of Midnight/Midnight Hunger. But a look through the Kindle store and there are lots of gay vampires stories to read, actually too many to keep up with (and a few short stories too bad to review). Currently I’m reading through Biting Off More Than You Can Chew (Tales of Trent,the gay vampire) [Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle UK] and Depraved Blood: The Young Blood Suckers series [Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle UK]. Hopefully these books will be enjoyable to the end.

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