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Taking a hint from another site I thought it would be interesting to share with you my top vampire books or stories (mostly gay) and ask you to share yours (in the comments). Maybe I’ll do the same for films, which it seems are more popular than books, but I’m sure a few of you have picked up the odd book, however smutty (couldn’t be any worse than the ‘filthy’ I’ve read). It’s also fine to admit you read teenage vampire books or straight vampire books. And finally, these don’t have to be limited to three or to novels, if you love an anthology or even a single story from an collection.

My top three vampire books

Bound in Blood

By David Thomas Lord
I haven’t re-read this thick tome in many years but when it first came out I became obsessed with reading it as quickly as I could. Jean-Luc is a sexy French vampire living in New York who’s late-night adventures many seem sexual but are all about his feedings. There’s plenty of backstory woven in and a cute little neighbour, and an ending that seemed to conclude with some vague doubts as to the survivors. Maybe Jean-Luc is modelled a bit of Lestat (the problem with century old French vampires, but at least Jean-Luc goes around biting guys.
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Lost Souls

Poppy Z. Brite’s vampire novel quickly because a classic, and one of the few I’ve read over and over.
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The Light at the End

A classmate in high school gave me her beat up and barely held together copy of this old forgotten classic. I’d read many vampires novels but this was the first where I read a vampire having sex and descriptions about his member.
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by Tango Wayne
While Golden is not that well written, I enjoyed this story of teenage vampire love. Our hero David spots a body along the road when driving home with his family. The body turns out to be Karl, a gay vampire. Since David and his family saved Karl they invite the entire family back to their castle and David not only comes out, Karl and he become a unique pair of vampires. These vampires also have wings hidden beneath their skin that must rip through the flesh whenever they want to fly, and their flying is done naked.
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Late Night Boyfriends

Edited by Ethan Kilburn
While this anthology is one of my favorites, and my top recommendation, I am friends with the editor and one of the stories was written by my brother so I have a bias. Still it’s worth a read. There are 13 stories to devour, all written with the vampire in a positive light; none of them sparkle, all have fangs and some even sleep in coffins.
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