That Twinklight craving

Conner Bradley a newly turned twink vampire in Twinklight Damned
Over two weeks ago I wrote that we would soon see new Twinklight episodes and I would shout about the return of the gay vampire series with the newest of vampire twinks. And I have yet to announce the new videos not because I’ve failed to be on the ball, but because the videos have yet to appear on the twinklight website. Before March 1 I had it on good authority that we should expect the new content in ‘3-4 weeks’ and Twinklight filmmaker Afton had even blogged about the completion of filming and editing. That was at the beginning of March. Now over two weeks in, no new episodes. Frankly I think the whole second series could have been released on DVD faster.

Several years have passed now since Afton first began the journey to create a truly unique adult film storyline. Scripted, beautifully filmed and with a higher caliber of acting for the industry, Twinklight has been a wonderful bonus for the gay vampire community. Yet there have been a lot of delays since it’s release, with new episodes not being released every two weeks as promised. Even today the website still says updates are bi-weekly. If that were true we’d have seen well over 26 videos by now. No such luck. We’ve had tidbits for months now that Twinklight Damned (as the new series is called) will soon be on our screens featuring a new crop of twink vampires including my new favorite, the adorable Conner Bradley who becomes a vampire and struggles with his new gift.

I’m not giving up on Twinklight. For one, there’s very little else being made featuring gay vampires. I am unfortunately terribly impatient and I know in reality that until recently we have not had it so good. There are many episodes filmed, so it’s just a matter of time before they see the light of the moon. Until then we have Vampires: Brighter in Darkness to wait for and I’ve had news that Cord Logan will be returning to the pages with a full length novel by author Todd Gregory. Honestly there doesn’t seem much I can do, but I want you to know readers that I am on the case.

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