The dark is returning

Summer is drawing to a close. The nights are growing longer and hopefully the vampires will be out more often. Except it seems the vampires of Twinklight are nowhere to be found. The most recent update was mid-July after a two-and-a-half month wait. I have not renewed my membership, which I think a lot of you have also done. It’s sad. I really want to support Twinklight but there are been so few updates and no news from the website that it makes no sense to keep paying for something I’m not receiving. I might consider resubscribing when new videos are added, but at the point I need to see plural videos, one video every two months is not worth the monthly price. And it’s disappointing because Twinklight has so much potential, yet soon these boys will hardly be twinks anymore… or be out of porn entirely.

I’m going to start tweaking this site. I know what you want… vampire porn news. Guess what, there’s very little to report. I’m still toying with creating a community here, or focusing on having up-to-date gay vampire information (the reviews of everything I can find), maybe with a little news mixed in.

At the moment I have my head buried in the latest book in the Archangel Academy series, Unwelcome. It’s good so far, however the story seems to be trying to be too big. Like most books, a lot could be resolved if the two main characters would just tell each other what’s going on. I think that’s annoying for the reader but it creates suspense.

Before this, I had devoured the latest (though year-old) gay vampire novel by Michael Schiefelbein, Vampire Maker. Again, it’s a good book, but certainly not the best gay vampire novel out there. Schiefelbein’s novels follow the character Victor, but the story is too hung up on religion and focuses on various struggling priests rather than the vampires. The whole novel dragged to one conclusion which was satisfying, but could have been wrapped up sooner. For an immortal being, Victor is slow and patient. The idea behind the Vampire Maker is that Victor hasn’t moved onto the Dark Kingdom (a heaven for vampires) and his power is increasing with each new vampire he creates. While he ponders creating an army of gay vampires throughout the book, he settles on only one by the end.

I have also been trying to get a brother of mine to finish his gay teen vampire novel. A sneak peak into his vampire universe appeared in Late Night Boyfriends, and he’s had the first draft for the last four years. The idea of gay vampires in high school is now being eclipsed and thanks to the Twilight backlash, seen as passe.

If you missed it, Aaron Kline posted a comment on the story about Bitten, explaining the reason for filming the vampire scenes with the different lighting. He also wrote that he expects to film a sequel to Bitten, to be released next Valentine’s Day. A long way off, but something to look forward to.

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  1. Maybe u should submit some ideas to them. Might be that’s why they’re taking so long.

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