The Gates brings more vampires to tv

American viewers can a double vampire treat this Sunday. Along side the second episode of True Blood, ABC is premiering a new show, The Gates. It’s being billed as Desperate Housewives meets True Blood meets Twin Peaks with a bit of Lost thrown in. OMG, talk about setting the bar high.

The show is about an exclusive gated community, The Gates, with mystical neighbors and  how the the new Chief of Police fresh from Chicago and his family adapt. So there will be vampires, witches, some lizard like people and werewolves. Yes, werewolves, blah. The cop’s son is a cute young thing who will have to adjust to a new school in a rich exclusive community where the natives as “different”. Hopefully he chooses team vamp.

Now it is too bad about the werewolves, but the lead wolf is the high-school football star and one major hottie, Brett Crezski played by Colton Haynes (model & actor). Do a little internet searching and you will find a lot of websites saying Haynes is gay and I would have chalked this up to regular internet garbage except Haynes previously modeled with his “boy friend” for a magazine called XY. Um, he’s also been a Bruce Weber Abercrombie & Fitch model. He’s also been casted in the MTV remake of Teen Wolf… what, does he have a thing about werewolves… he’d make a much hotter vampire.

From what I’ve read, the pilot episode gives a bit away, but we’ll need to stay tuned in to really get a good bit out of this series (so hopefully it lasts).

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