The Gates Episode 1

I would like to state now, The Gates will not last. I am torn. I want to see more vampires on tv but I just do not see this mash up various good show succeeding. First, as a mash up of Lost, Desperate Housewives, True Blood and Twin Peaks, ABC is attempting to make a hit. Second, there’s the police chief’s plot line that seems poorly woven into this intriguing community. Thirdly, while this is not a vampire only series, like the Lair this show will probably go off the rails focusing on other creatures and get cancelled before we see enough of the vampires. But there are good points, however few.

The vampire Dylan Radcliff (played by Luke Mably), the CEO of a biomedical research company is trying to live a vaguely normal life with a vampire wife, Claire, and their adopted human daughter. Claire has a problem, which Dylan makes out as an addiction, but she’s having trouble overcoming her instincts and adjusting to playing the role of a suburban housewife. Since Claire’s first act in the show was to drain some guy, it has caused the opportunity for the new police chief to get nosy and this could be the Radcliffs undoing.

The police chief, Nick Monohan (played by Frank Grillo) was a detective in Chicago and retired early after killing an unarmed suspect. He’s inquisitive and thorough, which is going to uncover secrets the Gates developer doesn’t want exposed. His character needs to struggle with his demons a bit more, but it seems his wife is going to carry that load. There son Charlie, played by Travis Caldwell, is falling for werewolf Brett’s girlfriend which seemed odd but that’s because he’d be better off chasing Brett, except I would rather he became a vampire. Our wolf, played by the previously drooled over Colton Haynes, is a loner, not wanting to run with his pack, and he has a bit of a temper. It feels like he’s hiding something and his stalking of Charlie could develop into something special. From the photo above you can see Brett being held down by one of his fellow wolves, and it does look like he’s naked.

Below, Dylan is tearing apart the corpse his wife made, and as one reader pointed out, from this angle it looks like he’s doing something interesting.

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