The Gates episode 4

Two interesting events from this week’s episode of The Gates, however before that just a quick rant about the unique characters. The dialogue has been quite careful at avoiding using the words vampire and werewolf. Wolf/wolves has been used but it seems when the werewolves want to “phase” or transform, they “go running”. And the vampires are even more oppressed. These people live in a safe community designed to protect their secrets, yet they still cannot seem to be themselves.

Now for some plot discussion so, spoiler alert.

Charlie was playing around with Andy the succubus and fainted (Andy is a girl, kissing a girl can cause this, it’s called cooties). The doctor, who knows about Andy, started asking Charlie if he’d been doing anything naughty which lead to a discussion about Andy in front of this mother. The look on her face implied she thought Andy was a dude, and Charlie quickly saved his reputation by blurting out that Andy was a girl. Tragic.

As there has yet to be a gay character and after Charlie’s admission it’s becoming apparent that vampires are not the only people being oppressed inside the Gates. Time for a gay character, I’d prefer Brett but there’s that wolf thing. Maybe a vampire, who’s a teen (all the wolves are teens and the vampires are old). And he should fall for Brett or Charlie… actually yeah, Charlie, who gets turned even if he remains straight.

The second surprise of the show came at the end. I knew something was up with the girl dating the deputy and it turned out she wanted to kill the chief. Luckily Dylan came to the rescue, taking her down as only a vampire can. Of course he did this right in front of the chief, so just as they were becoming buddies, the chief learns the turn. Maybe now he’ll learn to better understand the needs of his community.

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