The Lair

Now going into it’s third season, The Lair is an original television show created by HereTV network. The first season of six episodes introduced viewers to “The Lair” private sex club run by vampires. Local reporter Tom gets himself and his boyfriend Jonathan mixed up with the vampires when the head vampire decides Tom is the reincarnation of his long dead ex-boyfriend–the vampire who turned him.

Overall the first season was a good start although there were some definite weak parts, including some bad acting. Unfortunately the second season wasted the extra screen time during it’s nine episode run to grow the cast and develop two unnecessary story lines. A werewolf and killer plant were introduced, though the characters had little to do with the vampires or the Lair. When season one ended, a new vampire was born, Jonathan and the cliffhanger introduced the possibility that Tom would be turned too, however as season two began, Tom remained human and Jonathan, now played by a different actor, got little screen time, which was unfortunate because the actor was one of the highlights and his image promoted for the show heavily. Eventually the new Jonathan was sadly and brutally killed off with little warning.

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