Time to focus on the basics

There is so much I have left undone on this website and there has been a lot added to this site that it has become hard to find the original content. When I started Gay Male Vampire it was to collect in one place everything to do with gay vampires and to help those in need of advice (well not on finding a vampire to turn you, I wish, but on whether it’s worth your money to buy a particular book or movie). I know gaymalevampire.com is not the best name in the world but gayvampire and gayvampires were taken — and are not even being used!

While I am behind in writing out reviews to a lot of books, I have reviewed a lot of gay vampire porn, and those reviews are available although they might have become a bit lost. I have added a whole section for gay vampire adult films and I will also include links to help you actually find those movies. Actually I’ve set you a little “theater” from the MovieMonster site featuring Twinkblood, Thirst, Vampiros, Sex among friends 2: and the vampire, the Bite and the Bite 2, Laid by a vampire, Queer of the Damned and Sons of Satan. Of course there are other movies you can watch if you are looking for something non-vampire at MovieMonster. (For some reason the rest of the MovieMonster collection is not available on the theater at the moment).

I have spent a lot of money over the years on gay vampire books, movies and adult films, often making a purchase based on a sketchy review or unhelpful advice. I know for example that Dracula Sucks Hollywood Dudes is a terrible book with a vague description that makes it sound gay and worth reading — it is not so save your money. When it comes to adult films, with the exception of Vampire Boys (which I have yet to see), I have seen them all and I could rate them in order of quality and worth the money and effort to see. And I know gaymalevampire.com is not the best name in the world but gayvampire and gayvampires were taken — and are not even being used!

You can expect to see a few changes to gaymalevampire.com as old content is better organized and hopefully freshened up as well. Regular news updates will continue when there is something to report. Thanks again for visiting gaymalevampire.com and for all your support.

One thought on “Time to focus on the basics

  1. There has not been a reivew about the latest TL vid posted to the TL site. It features Cain Lanning and Johnathan Cole – two nameless vamps that have apeared in previous updates. Here Cain is vamped up but Johnathan has not yet been turned. Overall this is a LAME addition to a host of other LAMENESS. Lanning has fangs and the two of them have sex… that’s it. Not particularly exciting or even titilating sex either. Pretty mundane boy sex and there is no VAMP pay off at all other than … Lanning has fangs. So now I officially get to complain about the only vamp product in town because this is the second time they have had slightly gothic themed sex vid with next to ZERO vamp-dom. Not sure if these folk are even consulting fang bangers to find out what we find hot, but this ain’t IT. This is so far from IT that the light from IT would take a billion years to reach where they are. Sorry TL you have to do better than this if you want members to stay and to garner new members.

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