True Blood 3 Episode 1

In an attempt to stay current while season 3 of True Blood unfolds, I am going to write mini-reviews so turn away if you haven’t seen it and wish to avoid spoilers. That said I am not going to post complete breakdowns on each episode, no this is about what’s important, how much gay vampire action was in each episode.

Episode 1
Gay vampire content: 1 (Sam had a dream about Bill)
Lesbian vampire content: 1 (one of the vampire girls was drooling over a naked girl)
Annoying werewolves: 2

Summary: The episode picked up immediately after the end of last season, and the review at the beginning featured a quick clip of Godric… I miss Godric… anyways, stuff happened, no gay vampire action apart from a scene where Sam has a dream about Bill, which was slightly weird for the straight man and because it was partly prophetic that Sam knew Bill was wandering around shirtless. Viewers got a shot of Eric’s butt, but a warning that he was doing something unsavory. We saw Jason Stackhouse’s ass again, which was equally nice.

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