True Blood 3 Episode 2

True is finally improving after last weeks slow start. Okay, technically the internet has been a buzz with Sam’s fantasy with Bill, which everyone has commented on but no one has questioned why is happened. Anyway, episode two featured more werewolves (and I doubt they are going away any time soon), and the appearance of the King on Mississippi and his boyfriend Talbot. The King is a pretty normal ruler, while Talbot was laying the gay on too much.

Episode 2
Gay vampire content: 2
Annoying werewolves: 2

Summary: Bill is invited to the King of Mississippi’s home, or well ordered. There we meet Talbot who seemed to be playing the housewife role and a bit camp. I can’t be bothered to find out if Theo Alexander (who plays Talbot) is gay, but Denis O’Hare, the King, is out and I think it shows; he didn’t have to try too hard to portray a gay man. But there wasn’t any hot making out or sex. Talbot’s three-course meal was also a bit too much. Having not read the original series, I can’t say whether this sequence comes out of the books or was invented for the screen. I’m still waiting on the gay hustler, but Bill seems to be a prisoner, er, I mean guest and will probably be there for a few episodes.

We were however treated to a flash back with Godric, but sadly he had too much clothes on in his scene. It was a weird scene for Godric to be explaining to his 1,000 year old fledgling that their blood was sacred and not to get all emotional. You’d think he would have covered that before.

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