True Blood returns; I fail to notice

Until now I have watched every episode of True Blood and been a constant viewer though not hardly a devoted fan. The show should be perfect: vampires, with fangs, some of who are gay, many more who are hot. But the show often fails to catch my attention.

True Blood has a few annoying points. They’ve killed off the cuter vampires, the stories get sidelined by werewolves and other creatures, and personally I’m just not finding the storyline compelling. Actually these are such lame complaints. I should be happy to at least have a vampire show on television regularly renewed. But the fact remains, when the current season began I didn’t start watching it immediately. And I still haven’t. At one point I was looking forward to True Blood. There’s a lull just after the Vampire Diaries ends while we wait for the summer runs of True Blood and Teen Wolf.

Now as much as I have issues with werewolves invading the vampire world, I am sucked up every new episode of Teen Wolf. Clearly I’d rather watch those early 20s actors wolf out (at least they don’t go full wolf), especially when they seem to need their shirts removed before changing. And the introduction of the twin wolves, one of which is gay, doesn’t hurt.

Is anyone else struggling to get into True Blood? Which is better, True Blood or Teen Wolf?

I have also been meaning to compare the formats of the various vampire and supernatural series. I’ve written many times about how Vampire Diaries has dragged on, diverged from the books, teased us that gay characters would be added and included more werewolves than the original. One frustrating aspect of the traditional broadcasting schedule for Vampire Diaries has been the breaks and repeating hiatus. Compare this to premium channel shows like True Blood, Being Human and Teen Wolf, where the entire season is shown almost without interruption. This is the best way to broadcast a season, keeping the audience focused week after week then wrapping up the storyline neatly before ending with enough of a cliff-hanger to sustain the wait to the next season. Of course Netflix has also shown us another way, binge watching, when they release an entire season all at once for viewers to watch as they choose, often back-to-back in a marathon.

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